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Mine for diamonds with Panacea High-C.  Our most potent and innovative product, short for High Cannabinoid, consists of pure THC crystals, yet still maintains its strain specific flavor. Are you ready to experience the luxurious high of a true concentrate connoisseur?

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Experience the true essence of the cannabis plant with Panacea Live Resin. This product is overflowing with natural cannabis terpenes, resulting in a crystalline-rich hash oil loaded with flavor and terpy deliciousness.

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Smoking on-the-go shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality. Our Panacea cartridge holds 500mg of our delicious live resin in a small, discreet format that allows you to #craftyourhigh wherever you are. With zero fillers, this 100% cannabis cartridge offers an elite experience with the push of a button.

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Step away from the ordinary and meet your new favorite pre-roll. Our Live Cones combine the finest Colorado flower with our High-C crystals, giving you an upgrade on your average smoking experience.

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We're not just another cannabis company

At Craft, we are obsessed with innovation and progress. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve our processes and products to give you the highest-quality concentrates. We are passionate about what we do and the handcrafted products we produce. We’re not just another cannabis company.