High-Quality Cannabis Concentrates | Colorado USA





High-C is cannabis in its purest form. Separated during the process of making our Live Resin, High-C is all of the cannabinoids that are left over once the high terpene sauce is extracted. This leaves us with fine, pure cannabinoid crystals; the ultimate product for the cannabis connoisseur. 


Live Resin


First we take plant material that has been frozen immediately following harvest. By freezing the material immediately, we pause the plant in time, allowing us to create a concentrate of incredibly aromatic purity, potency, and structure.  Live Resin is a complete picture of a strain coming to maturity in flower and then processed to preserve all its natural terpenes, so our customers achieve the fullest flavored result.




Our PHO Wax is created using dry raw cannabis material that is agitated to form an unstable non-crystalline compound that is opaque unlike the THC-A crystals in live resin. This results in waxes with varying oil & moisture levels. A higher moisture content will create a malleable, gooey finished product, while drier waxes with a lower moisture content will be more solid & crumbly. No matter the consistency, this extraction method produces a highly potent, easy to work with end product loaded with quality terpenes.




Distillation is the process of purifying a liquid by heating and then cooling.  In Craft’s case, we use distillation to purify THC and other cannabinoids from raw cannabis material. During the process of making our syringes & cartridges we effectively extract raw material that is then further purified by utilizing varying boiling points of compounds from the raw extract. This process purifies & removes unwanted molecules that are not pleasant to ingest or inhale.  The resulting effect; a pure THC liquid product delivered to our customers in syringe or cartridge form.




CRAFT INFUSED JOINTS: Where high quality flower & potent concentrate infusions meet.

THE SESH JOINT: We start with high quality flower material which is then infused with our Sesh PHO wax. This creates a homogenous mixture of flower and concentrate resulting in a highly flavorful, potent introduction to mixed concentrates.  The joints are then rolled and hand checked to ensure perfect consistency. To ensure our high standards are met we thoroughly inspect each of our joints to ensuring our customer receives only the best joint that burns smooth every time.


THE PANACEA JOINT: We start with the same high-quality flower material, which is then infused with our purest concentrate to date; Panacea High-C crystals. These two complimentary forms of cannabis are mixed thoroughly then rolled and hand checked to ensure perfect consistency. After quality inspection, these joints are then packaged and passed on to our true cannabis connoisseur customers.